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A semi-automatic filling and capping machine with an electronic control filling

Manual bottle loading on the conveyor or into pucks of the RMC4. A chain provided of indexing motion handles bottles and pucks. The chain transfers bottles/pucks to the filling and capping stations.

Glass and anodized aluminium accident protections.A stainless steel standard AISI 304 frame.

Motorizing system and various group movements. Mechanical speed motor variator.
Electronic controls to verify the presence of the bottle, the cap, and the eventual under-cap.

Bottle unload with a double system of pick and place for bottle extraction from the puck to the unloading conveyor.

Filling and capping

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  • Pneumatic gates positioned in proximity of the work areas to allow accesses and outputs of pucks/bottles under the working areas.
  • Filling group consisting of 4/6 solid dispensers (according to the model) assembled on fitting clamps.
  • Lobe supplier pump for liquids / creams with 3 inverter programmable speeds with variable acceleration and deceleration. 
A time management control panel for needle opening and their movement.
  • Needle movement group with a BRUSHLESS ENGINE with a 250MM RUN, with 4 programmable speeds (1 descent speed and 3 independent ascending speeds)
  • Nr. 4/6 needles with pneumatic closure with clamp fittings (according to the models) 
Adjustable valve aperture at the end of each bottle.
  • Conveyor transfer the bottles/pucks to the star-wheel capping area.
  • PLC, steel electric panel,machinery with a  touch screen control panel, possibility of memorizing up to 50 dosage programs.

Watch the video: Youtube

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