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Cavalluccio is the right self-propelled machine for beach cleaning

Self-propelled beach-cleaning machine

The top model of our range, Cavalluccio is ideal for the cleaning any sandy areas: beaches, playgrounds, bunkers of golf clubs, beach volleyball and beach tennis courts, equestrian centers.

Self-propelled machine, easy to use, very effective, it requires very little maintenance.

The work capacity is variable and depends on the quality of the beach and the conditions of the sand, from 1400 to 3200 sqm / h.

The working depth is also adjustable while working and varies from 0 to 10 cm.

Some accessories are available on request, they complete the machine and allow excellent results, meeting the different needs of customers.

Moreover, it is equipped with High flotation rubber tires which provide excellent traction in the sand and they do not harm grass or paved surfaces.

All Scam machines comply with CE safety regulations

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