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Marlin B and Big Marlin beach cleaning machines suitable to be towed by four-wheel drive tractors.

Both models are equipped with sifting technology that allows a thorough cleaning of the beach. The sand is completely separated and conveyed on the sieve by the rapid rotation of a front roller equipped with four rows of steel tines.

The working capacity is variable and depends on the quality of the sand and the conditions of the beach (wet, humid, dry): from 4000 to 9000 sqm / h for the Marlin B and from 7000 to 15000 sqm / h for the Big Marlin.

The working depth can also be set using the tractor's hydraulic lift and ranges from 0 to 15 cm using the Marlin B and from 0 to 20 cm using the Big Marlin.

Big Marlin differs from Marlin B in the greater capacity of the waste container and above all in the hydraulic device for lifting and emptying the container up to 200 cm from the ground.

Big Marlin is equipped with a rear finisher with a maximum width of 260 cm. (foldable for road transit at 200 cm).

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Big Marlin - photo

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Marlin B - photo

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