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Stirrups bending machines, Spiral machines, Cutting carriage: FEAL PROGETTI – SEAM REBAR MACHINES, Reinforcement steel bar machines for building construction sites

MADE IN ITALY = Quality, High performances, Long-lasting, Excellent ratio quality/price

Stirrups bending machines 1716  1718

Stirrups bending machines

Quick rotation plate to perform stirrups with rebar up to diam. 16mm
Set of bushes, pivot, striker, remote pedal control
Stirrups measuring device
1716 with three-phase or single-phase motor
1718 with computer 20 angles selector

Spiral machine 1777

Spiral machine

Three-phase double speed motor
Spiral minimum diam. 140mm
Spiral maximum diameter without limit
Machine can work in vertical or horizontal position according to the length of spiral to perform
Wheels for short displacements on site

Cutting carriage 3050

Cutting carriage

For rebar cutting lines in reinforcement processing factories
Length m.12
Width m. 1,2
Translation with wheels on rails through electric motor
Winch for the collection of the rebar from the store  
Measuring device with limit switch for automatic winch stopping
Rollers each meter for rebar sliding
Footpath with handrail along side to all carriage

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