Combined bending-cutting machines - FEAL-SEAM

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Combined bending-cutting machines 1733  1736  1746: FEAL PROGETTI – SEAM REBAR MACHINES, Reinforcement steel bar machines for building construction sites

MADE IN ITALY = Quality, High performances, Long-lasting, Excellent ratio quality/price

Machines for rodMachines able to perform cut and bend, 2 operations on the same machines
2 long saddles with holes for double bend
Gears and pinions in Chrome manganese with casehardening treatment
Electric motor three-phase
1733 with three-phase or single-phase motor
Centralized lubrication system
Fuses and overload relay for motor protection
Control board water proof IP54
Manual control with push-buttons
Set of bushes, pivot, striker, remote pedal control
Wheels for short displacements on site
2 years warranty on mechanical parts

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