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Zilli & Bellini’s monoblocks to close glass and plastic bottles and to fill food products in a controlled atmosphere.

For food industry Zilli & Bellini manufactures monoblocks to close plastic and glass bottles and to fill products in a controlled atmosphere with Ultraclean integrated system.

Zilli e Bellini monoblocks to close glass and plastic bottlesThe monoblocks are suitable to fill and close in round or shaped bottles made of glass or plastic materials, different types of food products from liquid, fruit juices, to the food of different density with suspended pieces. 

One of the advantages of this solution is more than one station installed on the same base frame: in this way it is possible to have an integrated synchronous system to clean, fill and close the containers. This solution enables to minimize the spillage of the product due to the containers synchronized movement in every step of the process.   

The monoblock’s capping turret can close containers with different types of covers made from different materials. In accordance with the Customer’s specifications the bottles can be cleaned using different specific treatments. As an option, Zilli & Bellini can provide a system for the automatic cleaning of the monoblock, while several models are available based on the Customer’s production requirements.

Zilli & Bellini’s Monoblocks for ultraclean filling have an integrated system to perform the filling of food products in a controlled atmosphere.

In order to avoid any type of contamination during the critical processes of cleaning, filling and closing of the container, the upper part of the monoblock has a stainless steel cover supported by the safety guards. HEPA system of filters introduces sterile air into the chamber, in that way the entire process is done in a closed area.

 Monoblocks for ultraclean filling After the filling phase the containers are moved inside a synchronized monoblock without any product spillage throughout the whole closing phase.

The monoblock for ultraclean filling as well can handle round and shaped bottles made of glass or plastic, with a filling capacity up to 5 kg, the containers could be sanitized with different kinds of cleaning media in accordance with the Customer’s specifications; the capping turret can close different types of covers and on request, Zilli & Bellini can provide a system for the automatic cleaning of the monoblock. Several models are available.

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