Flour mixtures for Roman pan pizza Linea Teglia Romana - Di Marco

Flour mixtures for Roman pan pizza

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Di Marco

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Teglia Romana line of flour mixtures: ideal for pizzerias with counter service for making authentic Roman pan pizza

Teglia RomanaDi Marco offer the Teglia Romana line: a mixture composed of wheat, soy and rice with the addition of active yeast, in a greater quantity for even more fragrant dough.

This is the ideal mixture for all pizzerias with counter service that wish to offer their customers a more digestible pizza with more large bubbles, crunchier when cold and with greater hydration.

It is the ideal choice for Roman pan pizza with more hydrated doughs and processing time of 4/48 hours.

Trust Di Marco and your will know you are using products of impeccable with a certain, assured yield.

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