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Flour mixtures for the Pinsa Romana: from an idea of Corrado Di Marco for a fragrant and digestible product

This is a range of semi-finished products for professional use: a mixture of wheat flour, rice flour, soy flour and dried active dry yeast for making the original Pinsa, the highly digestible Roman focaccia with ancient wheat.

Careful attention to the processes of preparation and processing of the dough ensure the realization of a crispy crust and extremely soft crumb with the flavour of ancient bread: a unique product, fragrant and digestible.

Pinsa Romana

​E’ il mix di farine che sta letteralmente rivoluzionando il mondo della pizza.

These are the flour mixtures that are literally revolutionizing the world of pizza.

Here are the available varieties:

  • ORANGE type – made specifically for the Pinsa served in an oval or round dish, with long-rising dough (24 to 72 hours) and cooked on the floor of the oven
  • ​GREEN type – made specifically for the Roman-style Pinsa in pala, or pizza board, and enables dough making in a shorter time (12 to 72 hours)
  • EXPERT PINSA GIALLA – Wheat, soy, rice and dried active starter to ensure taste, digestibility and crispness
  • EXPERT PINSA BLU – with active yeast, preparation time from 4 to 48 hours
  • EXPERT PINSA VERDE + Fibre – part wholemeal, with wheat fibre, tastier and healthier

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