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Manipulators for industrial handling: a futuristic system accessible to all and made by Scaglia Indeva

Manipulators for industrial handling

Scaglia Indeva presents a new system of industrial handling based on the use of manipulators: a futuristic system accessible to all.

An electronic load balancer, for industrial handling, this is a product that continuously and automatically detects the weight of the load being lifted and instantly counter-balances it, thus eliminating the effects due to inertia.

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It is a product without equals on the market that distinguishes itself from the traditional lifting/movement systems such as hoists and compressed air industrial manipulators for its innumerable advantages in terms of ease of use, speed, and precision of movement, which translate to greater:

  • productivity
  • ergonomics
  • savings
  • precision of the movements
  • sensitivity and reactivity.

Industrial handling: The industrial manipulators are systems utilized in the manual handling of loads where an operator has the task of lifting, moving, turning, rotating, overturning, and positioning loads of various sizes and weights in almost every industrial production setting. Industrial manipulators are also called “weight resetters” or “zero gravity manipulators” or “load balancers”. In fact, industrial manipulators cancel the weight of the load by counter-balancing it.

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