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Ceramic tile cutting machinery, edge bevelling machines by Ferrari e Cigarini

Ferrari e Cigarini operates in the ceramics, marble and brickworks industries. The company produces cutting machines.

The cutting machines are automatic machines for multiple linear cuts using diamond circular blades. These can be used as cutting machines for ceramic, fully vitrified stoneware and tiles or as cutting machines for marble, natural stone, granite and glass.


The cutting machines for ceramics are available as automatic multiple, two-head or three-head machines. They are extremely sturdy and can be fitted with motors up to 25/30 kW with special fittings for automatic mosaic cuts down to a minimum 1x1cm format. The automatic cutting machines can be used to make anti-slip incisions and special cuts such as triangles, rhombuses and diamond shapes.

All Ferrari & Cigarini machines are designed by an expert technical team with the customers’ specific needs in mind.

Edge bevelling machines

The edge banding machines for ceramics are used for producing skirting boards, steps, anti-slip incisions, and bull-nose profiles. The edge banding machines are characterized by their stability and advanced technology, which make it possible to get the best results in terms of quality and productivity. The edge banding machines are also used for stone slabs and agglomerates.
of laboratories, tile dealers and showrooms within the ceramics and brickworks industries.

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