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Machines for pasta factories: the safety and speed of professional activities combined with the taste of hand-made dough

Machines for pasta factoriesAldo Cozzi dedicates a line of machines for fresh pasta to activities that need small / medium productions: restaurants, trattorias, agritourisms, delicatessens and obviously artisanal pasta factories.

Fast, practical, safe as the typical production of industrial activities that allows you to get a good product relatively quickly.

Powerful mixers and efficient systems that offer professional performance even with low load ratings.

It is no longer necessary to produce large quantities of pasta, every trattoria or farmhouse or restaurant that can produce the one requested by its customers, always offering a spherical and freshly prepared product.

The machines for small productions Aldo Cozzi:

Machine for making gnocchi

This machine extrudes the dough without changing its structure
It works with piston feeding, external structure in anodized aluminum.

Machine for the production of fresh pasta

Equipped with mixer and extrusion screw, the parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel or food bronze.
Disassembling the parts to be cleaned is quick and easy. The machine can produce different pasta shapes replacing only the die.

Press for restaurants

It is used in the most varied sectors of pasta production, from restaurants to small laboratories. In addition to the production of various formats, it can be combined with the molding machine to produce fresh or dried pasta, with egg or without egg, or sheets of any type and thickness.

It is a very ductile tool that can be used with all types of flour and semolina.

It can knead with different degree of humidity and this allows the combination with the automatic cutters, with the niditrici.

The machine does not require any kind of scheduled maintenance.

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