Multifunction machines for shoe factories and tanneries AF500M/AF800M/AF1200/AF1600Light - Aeffe Machinery Srl

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Machines for shoe factories and tanneries - The range of "Light" Multifunction - Aeffe Machinery srl

For those looking for a cheaper, but very versatile machine like the EVO Multifunction

These machines are designed for those companies that do not need to have high power and large size, but smaller and cheaper objects that can still perform all the available processes of the Aeffe Machinery range (drilling, punching, micro-perforation, cuts for weavings, transfer foils by temperature, carving and scales).

The AF500M and AF800M have added, compared to the drilling versions, the Factotum system that allows to have also perforations in drawing and scales.

Multifunction machines

The two Multifunction machines AF1200 and AF1600 Light are models already tested and also inclusive of the Factotum technology.

So, for those are looking for very versatile, but a little cheaper machinery, here are these four fantastic models.

Watch the video - AF500M|AF800M: Youtube

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