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MTB/3 ANTIMUS Automatic machine for cutting and edge-bevelling in only 1 step and with only 1 machine  

Examples cutting and edge-bevelling MTB / 3 AntimusMTB/3 ANTIMUS is the first and only compact, automatic machine able to cut and profile skirting  pieces in a single passage!

It is a revolutionary machine that meets the needs of ceramic, marble and stone laboratories, with small to medium productions.
Until now such workshops either had to use two separate manual machines (one for cutting and one for edge-profiling) or rely upon external  service companies, with an incredible loss of time.


  • Minimum dimension (only 2 meters and 20 cm )
  • Monoblock machine
  • Low consumption of electric energy
  • onstancy of production quality
  • Very low initial investment
  • Total automation of production cycle
  • "END  WORKING CYCLE": tile enters and bullnose goes out, without any necessary movement from the operator

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