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In your beauty salon uil test bed Bioenergetic Halos, with salt 'Himalaya for multiple spa treatments

Himalayan crystal salt was formed about 250 million years ago.

This natural salt is free of additives and pollutants and is extracted by hand, washed in the purest spring water and dried in the sun.

Therefore it maintains all its bioenergetic qualities and contains minerals and all the trace elements so that it transmits to us all its vital energy to purify body and mind

The wooden HALOS bed with Himalayan salt can offer many treatments from relaxation to slimming with the benefits of halotherapy and marine spray.
It supplements any treatment and massage techniques.
HALOS contains a Himalayan crystal salt tiles.

These generate negative ions in the environment which contrast with the electromagnetic emissions and create a relaxing environment.

How does it work?

Bioenergetic bedApproximately 75 kg of salt is heated from 32° to 45° on the base of the bed.

Himalayan crystal salt can hold the temperature for a long time, prolonging the beneficial effect and developing an anti-bacterial action which prevents the formation of mould and produces continuous hygienisation of the bed.
Immersed in the crystal salt, relax and breathe well-being.

As the salt heats it creates a spray effect which brings balance to the body and mind, and releases a strong anti-bacterial force with natural detoxification.

This improves breathing and the immune system, helps with concentration problems and slows down the cell ageing process.

Contact exercises a micro-massaging action; it has an osmotic action draining excess fluids and boosting metabolism so it is an excellent ally for cellulitis treatments.

It can be easily set up in any beauty parlour with the possibility of supplementing the furnishings with salt walls or panels.

Cot Halos

Bioenergetic bed Halos - Features

Chromotherapy with color remote control
Dimentions 227x90x80cm
Weight bed with salt tiles 250Kg
Power Watt 2000 / 9A - 220-240 Volt
Conform apparatus

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