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Moro Minuterie’s hooks and eyelets for trekking shoes have the 5 essential features: let's see what they are

Hooks and eyeletsThe choice of the right metal accessories is a fundamental step for technical and trekking shoes: as a matter of fact, hooks and eyelets must absolutely meet high quality standards because they are subjected to important stresses.

With this in mind, Moro Minuterie stands on the market as a reliable partner, as the hooks and eyelets for trekking shoes made by the company meet all 5 essential features:

  • Resistance
  • Corrosion
  • Quality raw materials
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Captivating and comfortable to use

Some more details on the features of the hooks and eyelets for hiking shoes made by Moro Minuterie follow.

Resistance to traction, thermal excursion and progressive wearing of the lace

Unlike zamak and plastic, the metal-trimmed hooks have higher performances and are not affected by mechanical seal, torsion and subsequent realignment problems. The Moro Minuterie models are made of brass and iron, the most reliable, durable and not expensive ones.


The Moro Minuterie items are finished with a special galvanic plating, tested and guaranteed by Satra, in order to guarantee high resistance to corrosion, functionality and attractive appearance. They have been tested with positive results up to 500 hours in salt spray fog.

Use of quality raw materials

First quality materials are selected, carefully worked with care and with the technical experience of over 40 years of activity. They grant high performance and 100% Italian quality.

Compliance with international standards

With regard to substances dangerous to man and the environment, Moro Minuterie produces hooks, eyelets and general metal trims in compliance with the main national, European and international regulations. Moro trims are safe.

Captivating and comfortable to use

Besides high performances, hooks and eyelets for trekking shoes must also be nice and comfortable to use - both to the final customer and to the shoe factories which apply them.

All Moro Minuterie models can be applied using automatic machines, so as to greatly reduce application times on shoe uppers.

They are also available in a wide range of finishes and colours to better match any shoe uppers, and are continuously updated to align with the latest fashion trends.

Choose, Moro Minuterie, your ideal partner for hooks and eyelets for safe, functional, beautiful and fashionable trekking shoes!

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