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Panther: modular labelling machine featuring cutting edge solutions

Panther, a new modular labelling machine line, is a a flexible solution which allows to combine different application technologies on a single rotary machine.

Every module consists in a labelling station assembled on a replaceable cart. Panther allows to combine wet glue, hot melt, roll fed and autoadhesive stations.

Labelling machine Panther

Modular labelling machine Panther - features

  • Electronic cam system: every platform features a dedicated Brushless servomotor. This solution guarantees unprecedented freedom of application in terms of container shapes and label dimensions, the possibility of relying on smaller labelling machines for the same production speed, and the possibility to include centering, controlling and coding devices.
  • Optical centering and quality control systems.
  • Defective product rejection system.
  • Non-stop system.

Labelling machine Panther

Modular labelling machine Panther: advantages

  • Flexibility and smaller dimensions: the modular solution makes it possible to alternate different labelling heads on the same machine.
  • Easy to use, thanks to centralized controls and an HMI interface.
  • IIOT ready: a new level of connectivity allows control teleservice and reconfiguration of the machine from a remote position.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Industry 4.0 ready.
  • Energetic efficiency.

Panther in action

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