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Connectors and positioners for industrial uses

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Bett Sistemi connectors and positioners: a wide range of possibilities to satisfy all industrial uses

Connectors and positioners for industrial usesThis is wide range of accessories and components for machines characterised by reliability and affordability, suitable for various industrial uses.

Pipe fittings, fastening systems, connecting stems, connectors and clamps, all precise and easy to install

All are made with the finest materials to ensure impeccable quality. They are suitable for use in the packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical industry and food & beverage sectors.

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In detail:

The Robojoint line includes cross, pedestal and angle connectors; all have substantial tightening power, as well as modern design, and come with torque limiting spacer on the screws to ensure greater resistance during tightening operations.

The Robolift line includes actuators and positioners with nickel-plated tubing with standard 50mm diameter or standard size 45 x 90mm rectangular section bars. They are available in single or cross versions, manual or motor-driven. They are the right choice for situations where is it necessary to position accessories such as labelling heads along assembly or packaging lines, but also for the change of accessories or format with the regulation of one or two axes.

In addition, the positioner for format changes allows you to save time and avoid repetition of operations.

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