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Packaging lines for pasta factories

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Pasta packaging machines: the revolution in pasta packaging

Packaging lines for pasta factories JaguarA complete range of reliable and compact packaging machines, completely made of stainless steel and designed to meet all the main requirements required for productivity, safety and processing quality.

Aldo Cozzi's line of fresh pasta packaging machines includes 2 models of thermosealers for trays, indispensable for small and medium-sized pasta laboratories and for supermarkets wishing to undertake the vacuum packaging of trays.

Aldo Cozzi thermosealing machines have 3 processing steps

  1. sealing of the pan
  2. vacuum and sealing
  3. vacuum and sealing with the introduction of ATM gas

The processing steps are performed autonomously: the packaging machine stops the activity only at the end of all 3 steps.

Aldo Cozzi thermosealing machines are of the latest generation: the welding is pneumatic and takes place through a 3 BAR piston and a VACUUM-GAS vacuum sensor.

With these models it is possible to pack 150/300 trays a day.

You can find all the technical details and dimensions of our packaging machines, by downloading the pdf on this page or by filling out the email form and you will be contacted directly by the company

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