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Stainless steel furniture and equipment for pizzerias and bakeries: sober second viable and functional space requirements and dimensions

The commercial stainless steel equipment is an integral part of the METALTECNICA PIZZERIA line, designed and created with the needs and requests of cooks, bread-makers and all those working in the catering industry in mind.

The line for pizza restaurants and bakeries comprises of a series of 18/10 AISI 304 commercial stainless steel equipment, created according to current legislation regarding health and safety and characterised by the choice of raw materials, precise construction, advanced technology and innovative design.

Metaltecnica Produzioni proposes a range of commercial stainless steel equipment including: refrigerated prep tables, preparation tables, bakery pan cabinets, refrigerated wall cupboards, heated wall cupboards and modular stainless steel equipment.

The modular structures are composed of a cupboard base, refrigerated or neutral, a refrigerated display case and a work bench in Sardinian marble or stainless steel.

Stainless steel furniture

Some examples

  • Refrigerated prep tables
  • Modular refrigerated
  • Refrigerated shelves
  • Modular furniture
  • Bakery pan cabinets
  • Wall heated cabinets
  • Exhaust hood commercial

Commercial stainless steel equipment: refrigerated pizza prep tables.

The pizza preparation table for dough, pizza and foods is composed of a refrigerated base, ventilated to a depth of 80 cm. It preserves dough perfectly, ensuring efficient yield and reduced energy consumption.
Temperature: 0 C°, 10 C°; (gas type R134A).

Refrigerated version:

  • TPF/18 cm 1800X800X1400 h
  • TPF/16 cm 1600X800X1400 h
  • TPF/21 cm 214X800X1400 h
  • TPF/18 cm 1800X800X1400 h

All pieces can be mounted on adjustable stainless steel feet of 140/190, 180/230.

Refrigerated pizza prep tables

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