Enada Primavera, games that thrills us in 2016

Date: 17 marzo 2016 | Category: Gaming
Enada Primavera, games that thrills us in 2016

The new games that fascinate the public, offered at ENADA PRIMAVERA, are inspired by icons that have already happened.

On the occasion of the 28th edition of ENADA SPRING, held in Rimini 16 to 18 March 2016, new gaming products were presented, proposed by the entertainment industries.

Arrives in Italy, directly from 'America, Angry Birds , based app that has conquered the world, c h and projects the game in real life, with a 55-inch screen that is hit from a real ball.

"Ghostbusters" is a game that follows the saga known setting where you hunt ghosts, in this case using two guns, a laser beam, and you can throw real balls.

The Moto GP is attraction, entertainment and challenge for many, now comes in Italian The simulator built by RawThrills, which is available in 4 color versions, as a tribute to the most famous team in this sport , and takes the player to a situation from a realistic perception of a motorcycling event, strictly set in the most famous circuits of the championship.

The Football again the protagonist in this edition of ENADA SPRING with a game that in the summer of 2016 will become the center of many challenges in sports, with friends, and a training tool and advanced techniques for football players , of all levels. It's called FOOTBOWL and it is a field with reduced size that allows you to focus in the area of penalties to score the goal.

"Games of Thrones" , Pinball inspired by the famous TV , in fact enters the Italian market in honor of the fair and will be made available to players of competitive pinball tournament , reached the sixth edition.

These are just some of the innovations presented during the event, an international showcase dedicated to the world of gaming and entertainment.

Several meetings and in-depth sessions aimed at changing today as the game scenarios and how they are regulated by the institutions. The intention of this new edition of ENADA SPRING is precisely to accommodate positivity with the presence of exhibitors and find new synergies between operators of the sector and the institutions themselves, in order to make ever more profitable and legal control of the game system .


Alberta Barbagli

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