Airbus Hélicoptère choose INDEVA Manipulators for their new plant

Date: 5 july 2022 | Category: Logistics
Airbus Hélicoptère choose INDEVA Manipulators for their new plant

25 Liftronic Easy manipulators, 5 meters high, with a 4 meters long 3 jointed arm, are the solution that best suited their requirements

A state-of-the-art production line for assembling the helicopter motors at the new Airbus Hélicoptère factory needed state-of-the-art lift assist devices.
The INDEVA manipulators satisfy all requirements related to safety, ergonomics and user-friendliness. The Liftronic Series INDEVA Manipulators are truly auto-weight-sense and auto-balancing; this very important feature is unique for the electronically controlled manipulators. Airbus Helicopters chose the INDEVA manipulators for this reason and because INDEVA is synonymous with reliability being the first Company in the world to provide electronically controlled manipulators back in the 90s.
The operators can handle different parts of the motors with different weights in a very intuitive and effortless way.
Thanks to their 3-meter vertical excursion and the pendant control panel, operators can easily and safely position a component at over 3 meters from their position.
Liftronic manipulators allow for very precise movements and assure ergonomics and safety for the operator at every stage of the assembly work cycle.

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