FIERAGRICOLA 2020: agriculture and beyond

Date: January 23, 2020 | Category: Agriculture, livestock and gardening
FIERAGRICOLA 2020: agriculture and beyond

Fieragricola 2020: overview on international agriculture from A to Z

In Verona, the next edition of Fieragricola is being organized for the end of the month of this cold January 2020: an international event recognized to take stock of agriculture and beyond.

For this 114th edition, key topics such as sustainability and the circular economy have been chosen, supported by a careful business strategy aimed at internationalization.

The claim launched by the organizers turns to 360 ° information, and from here the detail "from A to Z" which in fact translates into "from Agriculture to Zootechnics".

Fieragricola in fact looks at the perspective of the sector from all angles and goes to deal with agricultural mechanization, vineyards, orchards, specialized crops, energies derived from renewable sources, services for agriculture, tools - machinery and means for agriculture, multifunctionality of the agricultural enterprise, animal husbandry.

The event will be held in Verona from 29 January to 1 February next and will be enriched with international meetings, training and refresher sessions for agricultural entrepreneurs and professionals, conferences, debates and discussions to prepare to manage growth and innovation in the sector.

Agriculture 4.0 becomes the development point, in this edition we explore topics such as the efficiency and the safe management of activities, both for the sphere of breeding and for agriculture.

In this 2020 appointment new case studies will be proposed that also concern genetics, animal feed, animal welfare, technologies for breeding, robotics included in an agricultural or breeding process, how to develop animal husbandry in next years. The topics of genetics and technologies applied to farms will be studied in depth to understand how to relaunch the Poultry 4.0 chain.

Fieragricola has chosen Croatia as the first host country of the event for this 114th edition. It will be given space to present its agricultural system.

In Verona the fair, which in the previous edition reached 132,000 visits (of which 19,117 from abroad) will come to life at the end of the month and will be a moment of comparison and growth for all operators in the agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally .

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