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Date: 20 September 2016 | Category: Industry

Natural horn processing. The analysis of a professional: Maurizio Zanchi

The Zanchi Giovanni company, operating in Bozzolo (MN), has been working natural horn, in a completely artisan manner, since 1952. Today it is one of the rare realities still active in what is an art more than a trade.

«We work», says the owner, Maurizio Zanchi (who works with his brothers Cristina and Marco), «a natural and eco-sustainable material, once produced also in Italy, but now coming from cattle raised in Africa and India. The working of horn requires a deep knowledge of the material and a long-practiced technical expertise. We mainly deal with big names in national and international fashion, clothing and leather goods, whom we supply with buttons, buckles, handles for bags, rings, bracelets, bijoux and other items in natural horn, which embellish their collections with unique pieces».

The return to the real Made in Italy

Natural horn processing«Today the quality of our products», continues Maurizio Zanchi, «clashes with unfavorable market dynamics. As a matter of fact, the fierce Asian competition and the strong relocation put in serious difficulty the survival of companies like ours».

Marking a clear qualitative difference to stimulate the most prestigious brands to go back to producing authentic Italian made products, in Italy, is the commitment undertaken with determination by Zanchi. And today, in an international climate of renewed interest in Italian excellence, Zanchi offers natural horn artifacts, with custom design, made with a recognized technical and artistic mastery, gained in over 60 years of activity, helping to support the value of real Italian Made products.

Diversify to survive

Diversifying target markets and product types is the strategy taken by Zanchi to react to the significant contraction in domestic demand. «In addition to the most important fashion labels» Maurizio Zanchi says, «we have turned to furnishing and interior design, creating, once again in natural horn, elegant household items and original inlays on furniture and furnishings».

Keeping the Italian quality tradition, contributing to improving the world
Creating the true Italian Made products, that is an excellent quality artisan product, is fixed idea Zanchi’s and, in the field of natural horn processing, this company has remained almost the only one doing so.

«It is, in fact» Maurizio Zanchi concludes, «a work that requires creativity and technical expertise, knowledge, patience and, above all, passion. On our side we have an eco-sustainable natural product available, whose trade helps support the most disadvantaged areas of Africa, thus representing a job opportunity for young Africans». Enhancing the natural horn is also an ethical commitment, which drives the Zanchi company to look for other commercial opportunities.

Luca Cavera


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