ZOOMARK 2019: what happened in the 18th edition

Date: 20 May 2019 | Category: PET products
ZOOMARK 2019: what happened in the 18th edition

ZOOMARK: exhibitors on the rise and revolutionary ideas for 4-legged friends

The 18th edition of Zoomark International, a fair dedicated to the world of pets, closed with increasing visitors and 757 exhibiting companies from 45 countries. This data confirms the main event in Europe.

At the center of attention is every solution capable of bringing greater comfort and care to pets. There were more than 20 moments of discussion and information organized at the fair, with the aim of updating professionals in the sector.
Among the most innovative proposals there are also natural foods, oriented to the maximum care of the animal. One of these is certainly eQuibar, an Italian proposal by Guidolin, which produces a natural bar for horses. It is made only with medicinal herbs and without chemicals.
Torus is instead the bowl that is never emptied, or rather a bowl of water for dogs and cats that, in full autonomy, trims the filtered water as soon as it falls below a minimum level.

Cat dairy products also come from China with, instead of sand, natural biodegradable materials, such as tofu for example or other clay-like minerals. These so composed milk can absorb odors and waste can be discharged into the toilet.

Every proposal by Zoomark cares about animal health, which is why they prefer sustainable solutions, organic raw materials, increasingly selected ingredients and foods that take into account every nutritional and healthy need. Food solutions accounted for about 40% of the proposals of this edition of Zoomark. Innovation lies above all in the research and production of foods capable of combining nutrition and care for certain animal diseases.

Alberta Barbagli


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