LAMIERA 2019: the event in the year of Da Vinci

Date: 18 May 2019 | Category: Industry
LAMIERA 2019: the event in the year of Da Vinci

LAMIERA 2019: engineering and innovation celebrate Da Vinci

The new edition of LAMIERA is currently underway, a biennial trade fair that brings RHO's technological proposals to the processing of sheet metal among the Milan fair pavilions. It is a sector that makes mechanics and technology its flagship, through a series of changes that bring every activity to be more automated, robotic, digital, controlled, precise and safe.

The fair takes place from May 15th to 18th and has received the participation of 514 exhibiting companies. The exhibition this year is extended by a pavilion, to offer visitors a better experiential path and to accommodate more machines and installed systems.

In the showcase at LAMIERA there are machines and advanced digital management systems, tubes, metal structural work, presses, molds, welding, treatments and finishing, equipment to work sheet metal. Ample space is also given by the list of services aimed at consulting and technical training for sector employees. The objective is to transmit procedures and technical knowledge for the use of new digital devices for the activities of an integrated factory, increasingly 4.0.

The event has a slogan that aims to give value to a traditional activity such as sheet metal working, as it is thanks to its deformation that certain productions, in different industrial sectors, come to life, "LAMIERA: the place where ideas take shape ”.

There are two main initiatives of this edition.

One is aimed at creating greater professional competence and recounting the innovations brought to the fair by exhibitors, to show the public the potential that the market offers today, in terms of growth, development, technology and products. LAMIALAMIERA is a space where exhibiting companies meet the public, through a course of events, which offers 40 moments of sharing, during the 4 days of the fair.

The other initiative, on the other hand, wants to celebrate the brilliant deeds of an Italian who has been able to foresee certain mechanisms and certain functions, applied in different sectors: Leonardo Da Vinci. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, LAMIERA promotes and inserts an exhibition at the fair, dedicated to the best review of Da Vinci's projects. The gallery is titled "Italians like us excellences that become identity" and is structured as a path that tells about its systems projects at the base of mechanics and robotics.

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