Cosmofarma 2019: how the pharmacy world is changing

Date: 15 April 2019 | Category: Health and Herbal
Cosmofarma 2019: how the pharmacy world is changing

Cosmofarma closes the 2019 edition with a + 7% of visitors

A concentrate of business, updating, product and innovation for the new edition of Cosmofarma Exhibition, a fair dedicated to the world of pharmacy.

This year, an intense slant geared to the new life needs and trends of the population: "More social, more human". The goal is to bring people closer to the solutions that the pharmacy now offers, also through a renewed advisory system that the pharmacist carries on, selecting products, including cosmetics, according to the needs of consumers, enhancing a more human relationship and bringing, then , the pharmacy to be a precious place, in which to find precise information for one's health and to improve one's lifestyle, not just a store of useful products for treating pathologies.

This year the perfect combination is to have two trade fairs coincide with a concurrent day: Pharmintech and Cosmofarma, protagonists of Bologna Fiera, in the overall, from 10 to 14 April. Cosmofarma has attracted the attention of around 37,500 visitors, interested in the nearly 400 companies that have joined the exhibition. Three days of event, an exhibition area increased by 15% and more than 80 conferences organized to keep up the attention on training, updating, technological comparisons that involved the intervention of experts.

Cosmofarma Business Conference was one of the initiatives most appreciated by the public of the fair. Here we talked about how to deal with this change taking place, which sees, in the figure of the pharmacist, the pinnacle of evolution. The pharmacist can specialize, to bring greater value to the consultancy carried out within the store. Every day at least 250 people enter the pharmacy, the total of pharmacy turnover is 25 billion total, of this 60% is given by medical prescriptions, the rest is generated by supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. These represent almost 8% of the total turnover, still very low compared to the potential. From this emerges the theme of this year's Cosmofarma, which is to try to focus on customer relationships and loyalty, through greater attention to needs, and through specialization in consulting.

Among the innovations proposed at the fair there is also M.A.R.C., the smart digital assistant for pharmaceutical retail vendors. It is an innovative Artificial Intelligence system, proposed by TrueBlue that helps in a synergistic and proactive way the activity of the salesman who proposes to the pharmacies the products to be included in his offer to the public. M.A.R.C. is able to direct the seller between the different pharmaceutical activities, analyzes and combines market data, geographic data, profile sales outlets and online activities, organizes the work so as to quickly find all the useful information and above all the suggestions to optimize the results.

The next appointment with Cosmofarma is already set for the dates 17 - 18 - 19 April 2020, also in Bologna.

Alberta Barbagli

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