'Advanced training course for Aldo Cozzi pasta makers'

Date: 19 February 2019 | Category: Industry
'Advanced training course for Aldo Cozzi pasta makers'

Do you dream of opening a fresh and dry pasta shop or specializing in the production of gluten-free pasta? The high training course for pasta makers by Aldo Cozzi is on the way

Professionalism and passion have always characterized the courses of Aldo Cozzi, for over 40 years alongside aspiring new pasta makers to facilitate the first steps in this new profession.
5 days to learn all the basics for the opening and start of your pasta factory, a training course that will provide you:
- the essential elements to create a complete business plan;
- an efficient guide for the choice of equipment
- the formation of a professional pasta maker to discover everything about fresh, stuffed, dry, gluten-free pasta, know the different types of flour and semolina

The courses take place within the Cozzi company in Milan; in the structure there is a theoretical room and a faithful reproduction of a fresh pasta shop. During the course the students will be supported by all the professional figures that are fundamental for this sector: pasta makers, food technologists, chefs and commercial figures.

At the end of the training course a certificate of attendance will be issued.
For further information on the training course for pasta makers, the Cozzi company responds to your requests at the address: commerciale@aldocozzi.it

Do not miss this opportunity and start your business!

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