Eima 2018: from 7 to 10 November

Date: 5 novembre 2018 | Category: Agriculture, livestock and gardening
Eima 2018: from 7 to 10 November

EIMA 2018: the future 4.0 of agriculture is here

We are just a few days from the opening of the new edition of EIMA, International Exhibition of Machines for Agriculture and Gardening. The highly anticipated biennial event is organized in Bologna, at the BolognaFiere exhibition center and promoted since 1969 by FederUnacoma (National Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers). Four days of fair expected, from 7 to 10 November.

375,000 square meters of exhibition space have been set up that will host approximately 50,000 models of innovative machinery and around 1,900 companies will be present to present cutting-edge proposals and technological solutions for agricultural and green processing.

The event is divided into several specialized salons, including EIMA Green, which explores all the solutions for the world of gardening. On display tools, machinery and equipment for treating green spaces. The show is mainly aimed at the green operators of large retailers, garden centers, institutions for the management of urban green areas and recreational spaces, but is also oriented towards the attention of gardening enthusiasts. EIMA Componenti is the show specialized in the proposal of components and accessories for agricultural mechanics. The present industries, more than 700 exhibitors, come from all over the world as the show is a leader in the sector. EIMA Energy instead represents the "bio" challenge of EIMA, ie it is a show dedicated to technologies in favor of energy saving in agriculture. On display will therefore be machinery, tools, software and technologies for the economic and sustainable management of agricultural activities. EIMA Idrotech, on the other hand, tells the public about the technologies and systems for irrigation and water management in agriculture. EIMA Mia is the exhibition dedicated to multifunctional activities in agriculture, to rural activities, to agro-industrial productions, to green architecture, to the various opportunities for farms.

At the core of all objectives is the orientation to the application of 4.0 technologies, to digitize the agricultural and processing management systems. For this reason, in the 2018 edition of EIMA, the EIMA Digital area was set up, a specific focus on advanced electronics. Everything will be set up in pavilion 33 of BolognaFiere and will showcase the innovative technological solutions proposed by 35 industries, experts in applied electronics, coming from all over the world. Of these 20 are Italian companies and 15 come from Austria, Australia, China, Germany, Spain and the United States). Highlights include GPS equipment, on-board computers, weather stations, drones, sensors and work monitoring software, satellite guidance systems.

Among the objectives of these innumerable technological proposals for agriculture there is always, firstly, the safety of work, that is the application of tools useful for improving human activity and safeguarding health and safety, during all process steps.

Alberta Barbagli

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