Ended in Rimini the fairs dedicated to hospitality

Date: 17 ottobre 2018 | Category: Hotel, restaurants and bar supplies
Ended in Rimini the fairs dedicated to hospitality

Hospitality flies towards new goals of success

In Rimini the fairs dedicated to hospitality have just ended.

In recent days, the world of tourism has gathered to learn about new opportunities, solutions and updates of a constantly evolving sector. A combination of several events, including the consolidated TTG Incontri, the B2B fair for the holiday market, Sia Guest, the International Hospitality Exhibition and Sun, the International Exhibition for furniture, accessories and outdoor games.

The organizers declare themselves happy with the progress of this edition. The idea of communicating and interacting the three fairs is certainly a positive factor for visitors, almost all decision-makers, who have the opportunity to deepen more aspects of their business in a single appointment.

The companies on display were 2,550 and represented 150 different countries.

The foreign intervention by the buyers (1,500 events) brought the exponents of 90 countries to the fair. Great participation also in the 384 events organized to deepen themes and show innovative solutions. Sia Guest, today Both Hospitality Design, has certainly hit the target with the #ThinkFuture initiative, an arena dedicated to debates and professional interventions related to the most popular topics in the sector. We talked about:

- Innovation and change

- Digitization, big data, technology

- Consumption trends and market scenarios

- Professional and personal skills

- Products and new services

- Design and design

- Transport, intermediation, hospitality, destinations

The centralization of the event on week days has conferred a greater professional character on the edition.

Tourism is known, draws the attention of the media, in fact, this edition also confirms the interests of the press that has participated with an important presence of journalists, industry bloggers, newspapers and digital realities.

As for the hotel industry and, in general, the whole area of reception, innovative furnishing and use systems have been presented at the fair, so that they are more functional and allow workers to work in an easy and harmonious way. The goal is always to make the best experience for the end customer, but also for those who are committed to offering that service. Technology and innovation become very useful to propose cutting-edge solutions that meet all needs.

Other proposals come from automatic systems, online or through special apps, which remind the hotelier that they are about to finish stocks of certain products, to order them promptly, so as to ensure a more accurate service efficiency towards their guests.

The widespread goal is to use technology to improve work experience, hospitality, travel, stay, in every aspect possible.

From an economic point of view, the sector continues to grow worldwide, with the three fairs addressing a market that continues to evolve with positive numbers. In Italy it is estimated that in 2018 overnight stays are up 1.3%. The digital tourism market in Italy seems to be worth, as stated at the fair, 14.2 billion (+ 8% over 2017), and represents a quarter of the total value of the travel segment.

Alberta Barbagli


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