FIERAGRICOLA 2018, from 31/01 to 03/02 Verona

Date: 3 january 2018 | Category: Agriculture, livestock and gardening
FIERAGRICOLA 2018, from 31/01 to 03/02 Verona

120 years of history for the Agricultural Fair: it celebrates with a new format dedicated to the specializations of the agricultural sector

Agricultural Fair returns in January with a 113rd edition that wants to honor and celebrate 120 years of activity. The first edition of the event took place in 1898 and today validates the decision to open the doors to the employees from Wednesday to Saturday. The event comes to life from 31 January to 3 February 2018, in parallel with Eurocarne and Fruit & Veg Innovation.

In 2016, Fiera Agricola registered important numbers that confirmed it as a reference fair by sector. 130 thousand visitors and 1,000 exhibiting companies, more than a hundred training and updating events attended by over 10 thousand people.

The objective of the fair organizers remains unchanged, as they had already pursued in the last edition: giving more impetus to international relations. The attention on Africa, Iran, Cuba and the Middle East will move to a new host country to encourage collaborations and economic developments on the international territory.

The approach to the fair has been long and intense, has developed in several stages, such as Umbria, Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Piedmont, with the aim of making known the values on which the entire organization of the Agricultural Fair is based and give space to direct operators in the agricultural and livestock sector. The tour ended on December 15th in Puglia, a symbolic land for agri-food production and for the activities of the zootechnical world. This journey through the knowledge of the primary sector results in a strong expectation, for the new edition of Agricultural Fair.  Fieragricola 2018

What are the main characteristics of the event then?

The Dynamic Show is back, which involves more than 40 manufacturers of tractors and agricultural equipment: over 8,500 square meters of outdoor space for the presentation of moving machinery to the public.

A large stand at the show promotes the Veneto Regional Agricultural System, as it represents a flagship of the Italian agro-food world, with the production in vineyards and orchards, an example and promoter of a semi-automatic system in the precision farming.

During the events organized within the event we talk about Biodiversity, as a value for agriculture, we will deepen the discourse related to the return of agroforestry systems, and will develop in-depth the theme of precision agriculture in herbaceous crops.

The new edition of Fiera Agricola is aimed, with greater attention and more in-depth updating areas, to all the specialized sectors of the agricultural sector: agricultural mechanics, livestock, renewable energy sources, green management and forestry activities, fertilizers and crop protection products, vineyards and orchards.

Alberta Barbagli


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