Marmomacc 2017 Fair, marble processing innovations

Date: September 8, 2017 | Category: Industry
Marmomacc 2017 Fair, marble processing innovations

The stone: design and style on display in Verona, from 27 to 30 September

Coming to a new edition of MARMOMAC, the fair dedicated to the most innovative machines and technologies for marble processing.

This is an increasingly sophisticated and above all international event that, during the 2016 edition, has reached + 5% visas by foreigners from all over the world, and about 64.07% of exhibitors have arrived from 52 countries.

In the showcase, the industry operators, which in the previous edition have been around 67,000, representing 146 countries, can find tools, materials, machines, software and technologies, design proposals.

To satisfy the most curious and above all who appreciates the most cultural aspect of the business, for this event, the spotlight of the exhibition called "The Italian Stone Theater" is a reflection of the best experiments on various materials made strictly in Italy.

Exhibitor of marble machines and machineriesWithin this space, three representations with specific themes were conceived: Territorio & Design highlighting the peculiarities of materials coming from different Italian territories and exposing products and design objects for interior and exterior furnishing of environments; Virtuous machines that focus on the machining capabilities of certain machines and innovative software; Soul of City deepens the use of stone and proposes an articulated landscape of architectures.

For all employees in the industry, there are specific training appointments within the Marmomac Academy. In a space devoted to technological refinement for the processing of natural stone you can meet and know architects, designers and designers of international origin. Marmomac Academy saw over twenty professionals in the industry over twenty years of training activity. It is important to emphasize that attending the four days of "Designing with Natural Stone", the program for the Marble-stone upgrade in Verona Fiere during Marmomac, allows you to receive training credits.

When it comes to natural stone work, it is art, and when it comes to art, in Italy, one can not but talk about culinary quality. Also for this new edition of Marmomac, visitors will be able to open the Ristornate d'Autore: an area set in a scenery inspired by marble and natural stone, dedicated to quality cuisine, prestigious chef and solutions able to satisfy all palates. You will be able to sample the delights offered by Giancarlo Perbellini (Casa Perbellini, Verona), Rudy Casalini (Locanda Le 4 Ciacole, Roverchiara, Verona), Marco Volpin (Le Tentazioni, Saonara, Padua), Enrico Bartolini (Ristorante Glam, Venice).

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