SANA 2017 - In Bologna the Bio is home

Date: August 28, 2017 | Category: Food products
SANA 2017 - In Bologna the Bio is home

In Bologna the bio is home: SANA reopens with new categories of natural solutions.  

What is more and more to a world where foods and natural products prevail are now certain.

SANA reopens the Salon with even more space and bio-dedicated solutions.

Among the novelties that will be seen, from the 8th to the 11th of September, in the Bologna Fairground, there are some areas of the fair that come to life for the first time.

Two new pavilions to accommodate the area dedicated to "Natural and Bio Body Care", which records a growing number of exhibitors.

Theme themes of the Fair Sana edition 2017

The area dedicated to Green Lifestyle will be enriched with subcategories to explore the industry's best deals:

  • Home & Office offers innovative solutions to bring green to home and office;
  • Mom & Kids focuses mainly on the growth of younger babies, infants and
    mothers, offering ecological games, products and clothing
  • Clothing & Textiles puts on the market clothes, shoes and accessories made with environmentally friendly products;
  • Pet & Garden offers natural and eco-friendly services and products for
    he care of pets, but also for the cultivation of plants and the
    management of gardens, landscaping and swimming pools
  • Hobby & Sports brings green in free time;
  • Travel & Wellness suggests travel and treatments to the well-being and
    recovery of fitness, in environments where nature reigns supreme
  • Mobility explores new developments in sustainable mobility by exhibiting hybrid and electric vehicles.

    The goal of the organizers is to meet the needs of the consumer, who is increasingly prepared and seeking optimal solutions, to regain psychophysical peace, to live well, in balance with himself and with nature every day.

    All exhibitors who join the categories: Organic Food, Natural and Organic Health Care, Green Lifestyle can participate, with up to 3 products in each category, at SANA New Awards 2017, a competition that rewards through visitor votes, The best organic solutions. The winners will get a product promoted by Biofarm, a 2.0 tree.

    SANA Shop's SANA Academy Training Officers have been confirmed as part of the fair, as part of the fair, to provide visitors with the chance to tap the natural and bio solutions offered by VeganFest brands for all those who are present Who choose this food and life orientation.

    The 2016 edition has reached a total of 47,221 visitors and 883 exhibiting companies, involving 4,800 events attendees (more than 60) and buyers from 27 countries. They are important numbers that point to a growing industry, a market where people's and consumers' interests are rising, mainly because it is aimed at a greater well-being of the human being and the planet.

    The interest in natural and bio is now part of the new awareness and new lifestyles.

    Alberta Barbagli


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