Irrigation tube protection system PROTECTOR IRRILAND

Date: 31 Maggio 2017 | Category: Agriculture, livestock and gardening
Irrigation tube protection system PROTECTOR IRRILAND

Irriland Protector: device for unrolling/rewinding irrigation tubes

During EIMA 2016, the International Agriculture and Gardening Machine Exhibition, (BolognaFiere, November 9-13, 2016), Irriland, from Guastalla (RE), introduced an absolute worldwide first: Protector, a device that reduces the power needed to unroll and rewind the polyethylene tubing for self-propelled irrigation systems. Currently in patent pending, Protector has obtained the European Patent Office's innovation recognition. 

Protector facilitates the sliding of the tube 

Suitable for every irrigation model, during unrolling, Protector automatically extends a protective cloth in non-stick, water-repellent material under the polyethylene tube. Where tall crops are present, it surrounds the tube, thereby also offering lateral protection. 

Irriland ProtectorDuring rewinding of the tube, Protector rewinds the cloth with an autonomous system with a housing coil and, once the irrigation is completed, the system is ready for a new cycle. 

The advantage is that without coming into direct contact with the ground and with foliage, the tube slides more easily, without abrasions from wear, clinging, or friction

Greater reliability, greater safety, less fuel consumption 

Protector improves the reliability of self-propelled irrigation systems, because it reduces the power needed for unrolling and rewinding the tube. In fact, reduced friction means reduced effort and therefore reduced energy consumption (that is, lesser emissions) and greater security in the use of the machines, without the risk of breakage due to excessive exertion. 

Safety, however, is first and foremost for people. Protector is coupled with the new hydro-mechanical reducer of the self-propelled irrigator. This has eliminated both the tooth stop and the use of the unlocking crank, thus reducing the danger of accidents. In addition, with the emergency winding through the hydraulic system of the tractor (rather than the carbon shaft), at the end of the cycle the rewinding stops automatically, and the level of safety is much higher. 

If, with Protector, performance improves with all types of irrigation machines, these two parameters (energy consumption and safety), become particularly important in the use of large-scale machines, which utilize long tubes with large diameters.

At the same time, for the same performance less power is needed, and it is therefore possible to irrigate using a smaller tractor. In any case, due to its automation, once installed on the machine Protector does not require any additional work on the part of the operator.

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