EXPODENTAL MEETING 2017: digitalization of dental surgeries

Date: May 15, 2017 | Category: Health and Herbal
EXPODENTAL MEETING 2017: digitalization of dental surgeries

EXPODENTAL MEETING 2017: focus on future devices and technologies

Today's dentist must necessarily start looking at the future with action and innovation. The digitization of dental practice, already anticipated in the first edition of EXPODENTAL MEETING, now becomes a daily reality, where the patient also expects treatments and solutions technologically in keeping with the times.

Expodental Meeting 2017 Fair

To meet this market demand, the experts convened at Rimini Fiera from 18 to 20 May.

During the event, a special area will be set up, dedicated to "EXPO 3D: The Dental Future, Now". An entire pavilion is planned for this experiential path, through new technologies and advanced devices, which will enable the dental studio to improve its performance and efficiency. For the first time in Italy will be exposed the entire dental flush and all available digital and technological solutions. The intention is to combine products, digital culture and training, to illustrate professionals the new 360 ° dental cycle. There will be three product areas: image acquisition machines (intra-orbital scanners and TACs), CAD modeling software, devices for making additive technology (milling machines and 3D printers).

EXPODENTAL MEETING was born as a congressional experience, so there is no lack of meetings and conferences that develop the themes closest to today's dental panorama.

A rich scientific and cultural program is ready to involve and inform all professional figures around orbit around dental care. In the morning of Thursday, companies will present the products they exhibit and tell their peculiarities to the public audience (distributors, agents, doctors, dentalists, suppliers, hygienists, surgeons, graduates).

The previous edition has 244 exhibitors and 16,000 total visitors, 800 B2B meetings, 60 foreign buyers coming mainly from these countries: Albania, Algeria, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia , Ghana, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Serbia, South Africa and Tunisia. Of the 16,000 professional visitors the most important affluences came from Emilia Romagna and Lombardy.

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