XRAID Laser Tag System

Date: 18 aprile 2017 | Category: Gaming
XRAID Laser Tag System

Next Technology for a gaming experience never seen before: XRAID Laser Tag System

In the laser game scene, the ultimate solution is XRAID Laser Tag System, entirely made in Italy, developed and produced by Next Technology [www.x-raid.it], that introduces it at ENADA Spring 2017 (Rimini Fiera, 15-17 March).

An amusement group game indoor and outdoor, developable in sports, thank to XRAID Laser Tag System all kind of players, aged from 8 to 70, can join to the laser game universe and try an experience of game never seen before.

Headquartered in Rome, Next Technology [www.x-raid.it] designs and builds from years solutions of electronic manufacturing and engineering software for the entertainment industry. Explains Giuseppe Colazzo, company spokesman: “XRAID Laser Tag System was born from an extensive research and development work, which placed at the focus the gaming experience, made immersive by reliable and accurate equipment in sending and receiving hits. In fact, our long-term “consultants” were just the players, as well as the arenas and laserodrome managers.” The result is a solution made in Italy in technology and in know-how, which places Next Technology [www.x-raid.it] at the top of the industry.

XRAID Laser Tag System: high-end laser game

XRaid _ Next TechnologyIn addition to being the only laser game 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, XRAID Laser Tag System is a high-end product, which exceeds in innovation all the competing alternatives. Carefulness for all details of the equipment is typical of the best made in Italy. “The equipment – said Giuseppe Colazzo – are built with high-strength materials and advanced technologies, versatile, to emulate any system and game modes.” In fact, although initially designed for the team challenge (such as entertainment solution during get-togethers, parties, birthdays), XRAID Laser Tag System is also suitable for new gaming experiences: from simple challenge between friends up to a tournament.

Armor and phaser XRAID Laser Tag System

Looking closely the XRaid Laser Tag System armour and phaser, the differences between it and the other laser game systems, are evident. “The stylish and compact fitting – continues Colazzo – is part of the great tradition of Italian design. Made with carefully crafted, perfectly suited to the size of any player, so that everyone, young or old, can get into the role. In addition, the armor is light, durable, and safe. Made of polycarbonate, it accommodates the electronic components in dedicated housings, designed to overcome the most stringent crash tests.

Equally advanced are the phasers Snails Blaster, inspired by the most innovative video games, from which they take usability, intuitiveness and ease of handling, with an appeal to professional laser game. With high-strength materials, the phaser Next Technology [www.x-raid.it] expresses durable performance over time, with low-maintenance, easy and quick. “All these measures help to make the most of the immersion in the game.”

XRAID Laser Tag System: the gaming experience

More than plus in terms of design, materials and technology, XRAID Laser Tag System differs from competing proposals for the design of the game experience. As highlighted by Giuseppe Colazzo of Next Technology [www.x-raid.it]: “In this system merges two great passions of our developers: laser tag games and MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).”

Combining laser tag and MMORPG features, XRAID Laser Tag System integrates a module of player identification (identified by membership card). This module stores all scores and detailed statistics of each player. So, each player or team, by logging into the Community XRAID portal [www.x-raid.net] with their nickname, can:

- check the growth of skills

- collect points and bonuses

- unlock awards

- organize tournaments

All this makes XRAID Laser Tag System an immersive and addictive game experience, without missteps, reliable and accurate in sending and receiving the laser shot.


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