Single-dose packaging - new V75 VALMATIC

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Single-dose packaging - new V75 VALMATIC

Valmatic at Interpack 2017: V75, the new solution for single-dose packaging

At Interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf (Germany), May 4th to 10th, at stand B21, booth 08A, Valmatic will present its new V75. This is a thermoforming and filling line of the latest generation, which produces single-dose containers in single or coupled plastic. Thanks to the small amount of space and the possibility of integrating it in every layout, this machine has been designed thinking about the specific needs of the single-dose packaging, for manufacturers and contractors operating in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Valmatic, an Italian company with a worldwide appeal

As high-profile Italian company with its headquarters in San Prospero (MO) and packaging-making centres in Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey, Valmatic designs and manufactures thermoforming lines for single-dose items and suppositories. Orienting itself to the single-dose in order to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Valmatic has increasingly focused its attention on this packaging method. In this way, the Valmatic know-how grew on the field (also in outsourcing), hand in hand to the trend of single-dose and single-use in new scopes such as cosmetics and food.

Valmatic, disposable packaging - Interpack 2017

Why choose the single-dose packaging?

Nowadays the products offered in single-dose packages are very popular: they are used in pharmaceutical & parapharmaceutical, food, home & personal care industries, just to name a few. Graziana Tassinari, marketing manager at Valmatic, explains the reasons for this widening spread of single-use products: «In many commodity classes, consumption habits have changed. The individual consumption, the mobility and the attention to waste and to the environmental impact of packaging are more and more increasing. For these reasons, consumers find in the single-dose an effective response to their needs».

As a matter of fact, choosing a single-dose product means:

  • immediate ease of use
  • product safety and freshness over time
  • adequate dose
  • small amount of space and minimal environmental impact.

«The advantages for the consumer match to the advantages for the producer: less waste of raw materials and low environmental impact. In addition, manufacturers, from their point of view, require machines and production lines meeting high standards in terms of eco-sustainability and process performance», explained Graziana. The design of the Valmatic V75 machine went exactly in this direction.

Valmatic V75 for single-dose packaging

V75 thermoforming and filling machine for cosmetic and pharmaceutical disposableValmatic V75, the new thermoforming and filling line, has been designed for the production of single-dose containers in plastic material (PP/PET/EVOH/PE, PET/EVOH/PE e PET/PS/PE), barriered or coupled with aluminium. The machine also works materials of 150 to 500 micron thicknesses, performing perfect cutting and forming tasks. «In order to obtain special cuts, this machine is designed for the quick and simple replacement of the standard shearing unit», underlines Graziana.

Working at a speed of 30 cycles/min. with several types of liquids and creams, V75 can be used in many sectors: food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical. And, thanks to its application flexibility and the advanced mechanical technology, V75 packs in vials (0.5 to 150 ml) many different high-end products:

  • home care cleansers​- vitamins
  • dietary supplements
  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • dressings
  • beauty creams
  • drugs
  • etc.

«In addition, V75 is the ideal solution for the packaging of liquids and/or creams with advanced technological properties (pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries)», Graziana said. In fact, the single-dose product packaged with this machine shows very low values of OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) and WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate). This aspect turns into a product's weight loss less than 1% during the 40 days of stability.

As an absolute exclusive in our field, Valmatic Thermoprinter: this in-line printing unit can be installed on V75 on request. At the same time of the packaging operations, the printing unit prints the exact amount of needed material, optimizing and eliminating waste.

Valmatic V75, one-of-a-kind pluses for the single-dose packaging

Thanks to its optimized size, V75 easily fits into any existing production layout, by helping to reduce investment costs. Moreover, although the operations of V75 are automatically managed by dedicated software programs, Valmatic equipped it with a simple and user-friendly machine-operator interface so as to take the most from its outstanding production power. Among the automatic functions, the level control system with the automatic rejection of non-compliant products stands out. Finally, through the on-line assistance service in real time, each request for assistance can be remote serviced by Valmatic technicians (you have just to connect the machine to the corporate LAN network).


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