Sia Guest 2016, the new proposals dedicated to the hospitality industry

Date: October 6, 2016 | Category: Hotel, restaurants and bar supplies
Sia Guest 2016, the new proposals dedicated to the hospitality industry

All a tour operator must know you learn to Rimini, during Sia Guest.

Hospitality is at home at the exhibition center of Rimini, especially from 13 to 15th October 2016 on the occasion of the 65th International Hospitality Exhibition, SIA GUEST

Event that promises to be full of new edition and interesting content for all professionals of the tourism sector.

Plays into the hands of the fair tiling, on the same dates and in the same spaces of Rimini Fiera, of other events dedicated to the hospitality industry, such as TTG Incontri, who arrived 53 minutes appointment, and SUN reaching the 34th edition. All those who work in tourism can find every useful solution to improve their business, by the technologies used for management and organization tools to the furniture for the outside, from management consulting to the curtains, from the proposed T & T - "Curtains & Technique" .

SIA GUEST puts on display all that is needed for the hotel industry: supplies, outdoor furniture, structures and building components, furniture for the bathroom, gifts and gadgets, food service systems, contract, lighting, cleaning, technology, products, services , solutions for energy saving. On the occasion of this professional event meet the manufacturers and buyers from all over the world, as well as architects, designers, planners and consultants.

The host of a hotel is changing its requirements, and therefore also the operators themselves are called to innovate and change their approach to hospitality. Sia Guest 2016, Rimini Italy

Among communication proposals we are looking to target hotels and hotel facilities to a review of their image, clearly and simply to act as a common thread. End users want immediacy, cleaning also in communication, concepts and proposals simple, easily recognizable. It seeks to raise awareness of the use of technology and social networking as a means essential to enter and stay in touch with your target audience. key concept is to understand what the customer wants, which will house the structure. This will be discussed within its "Hospitality Trend Vision", a space which studies 360 ° as will be the hotel of tomorrow. They analyze the needs of so-called "Millennials", ie those who have grown up together, and hand in hand, the development of technology: you want to understand in detail what are their needs, such as book, which features must necessarily have a structure to be able to satisfy and retain over time. Through this journey to discover how you can evolve up the essence of the aim it is to convey the concept that not only sells a product or service designed for example as a hotel room, but it sells the entire experience off stay inside.

Thanks to the participation of Jean Louis Bravard, internationally known author for his book "The benefits of outsourcing", you will understand what are the real advantages that generates the outsourcing of services in order to increase the yield, increase the service, sales, reduce the burden of domestic work and possibly expenses.

The end client is looking today different shades and emotions when choosing an accommodation, most seeking the services of a SPA.
SIA GUEST takes shape an area dedicated just to tell this multi-sensory experience that you can live through wellness paths. It's called "A colored life" and is a SPA Suite designed to show emotions through the application of color gradients.

Important news this year 2016 is represented by the desire to consolidate and export the knowledge and the "flavor" Italian. It was born "Breakfast Made in Italy", a project that explores new ways to bring the Italian breakfast, both in our country and abroad, to make it become more and more an icon of hospitality globally. The first stage comes to life in Rimini during SIA GUEST, the second will be in Dubai in November, on the occasion of The SpecialityFood Festival.

SIA GUEST in numbers says a lot: 63 045 professional visitors came to the last edition, more than 14,000 hoteliers who participated.

Another interesting number is represented by 4,341 architects who took part in a competition for the redevelopment of the Murru beacon of Porco in Syracuse, owned by the state. 998 are the projects came from 88 countries to participate in this prestigious contest, 'Lighthouse Sea Hotel' devised by YAC - Young Architects Competitions, which will see the winner awarded during SIA GUEST.

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