Cersaie 2016, not only ceramic and solutions for the bathroom but also green projects

Date: 3 october 2016 | Category: Furnishing and supplies
Cersaie 2016, not only ceramic and solutions for the bathroom but also green projects

A CERSAIE innovation is at home, in particular products and touch accessories.

In the houses of tomorrow we will have more accessories that are controlled and you live through touch with the skin.

Comfort, greater functionality and orientation to production and use of more and more online materials with the perceptions of the person: floors and tactile finishes that are able to guarantee maximum wellbeing at the touch sensations; more functional shower trays, safer and more beautiful to look at, drawn with minimal lines; taps able to go on and off, perfectly dosing the flowing hot water and quickly, through the only touch with your arms, elbows, wrists, comfortable for those in the kitchen or at work often has dirty hands and lives in mode multitasking. The house, the bathroom and the kitchen of the future are designed not only trying to satisfy the demands of living in comfort by making multiple actions, are designed to save energy and water, to use natural materials or technologically processed, that can offer efficiency, aesthetics and planning.

At CERSAIE 2016 gathered the greatest experts in architecture and the building industry to draw the lines of the next building mood.
On display then, not only ceramic and solutions for the bathroom, but also components, other materials, green projects and especially Italian excellence.

CERSAIE proposed a refined and innovative exhibition formula, in the heart of Hall 30, to promote the Italian Style: CER-SAIL, a format that revisits and reinvents the ancient Greek and Latin ports, in a context dominated by an immense high lighthouse as all over the hall, and sails with ceramic bases that embrace it, they were brought out the genius and the Italian style, which can and must contribute to the promotion of Italian ports, considered as a meeting point and socialization to be reckoned with.

Cersaie 2016, bathroom furniture in Italian style

The press interest in this new edition of the fair was also demonstrated by the rich participation in the CERSAIE International Press Conference, which was held in the Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo, where 250 journalists have flocked from all over the world. On this occasion the President of Confindustria Ceramica's Promotional Activity Emilio Mussini, said that if Italy now accounts for 30% of the ceramics international trade value (in first place as the country) and 15% in volume (second place together with Spain) is also credited with major investments in the sector, now accounting for 7% per year, an increase of 22% compared to the year 2015.

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