Lineapelle September 2016 the leather that combines technology and craftsmanship

Date: 26 settembre 2016 | Category: Industry

LineaPelle not betray the expectations. On September 22, it closed with positive signs.

Closed September as the 2016 edition of Linea Pelle with very positive opinions. Today still are not known real numbers on the participation of visitors, but the impressions of entrepreneurs and exhibitors are good, and tell of a stronger satisfaction.

In the sector of leather it is definitely been a major interest signal, with the desire to achieve new levels of market development, by creating synergies and comparisons, useful to improve. Among the most frequent requests, today, the market is demanding leather products that combine the best technology and craftsmanship, faces even more green products, in line with the need to safeguard the planet, with application of production processes that ensure not only the quality of the final product but also of the whole processing. This is possible with the pursuit of research and innovation by making targeted investments. Strong presence at the show, the Vera Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium, to tell the essence of the skin, as it is, ie "living": "They are the sum of what I experienced," cites the slogan.

Entrepreneurs who have actively participated in the event confirms that the fair keeps the international character with important visits from Asia and America, including Russia, the great protagonist of this edition. It 'was in fact set up a joint stand which brought together major Russian production brands, including leather tanners and shoe manufacturers, with great export potential, thanks to the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Strong signal of interest which was also raised against the leather sector.

Showcasing all types of skins, the most innovative processes, the result of significant research: metal machining to give the skin more and more iridescent and metallic effects, for bags, shoes and belts; soles for shoes of all finishes and materials, to ensure convenient portability in line with the features of the foot and footwear; buckles, rivets, belts, components to create high-quality fashion products in line with the trends 2017/2018; jewelery, accessories, ornamental chains and precious details that multiply the beauty of the products proposed.

Winning the choice to move the event two weeks later than usual September date, and to open the curtain in Milan precisely during the Milan Fashion Week. In this way the industry and fashion operators were able to leverage a single opportunity to know all the details of the new trends.

Alberta Barbagli


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