Cardboard trays for food packaging FIMAT

Date: 13 september 2016 | Category: Packaging
Cardboard trays for food packaging FIMAT

The pan cardboard for food packaging. The Fimat solutions

Cardboard tray for fruit and vegetables FIMATFor decades now, Fimat, versatile and innovative company Milanese hinterland, the brainchild of a group of young entrepreneurs, sensitive to the needs of a market increasingly oriented towards increasing awareness of environmental protection, has developed a series of different lines of flat cardboard containers, with custom offset printing, as valid and ecologically coherent alternative packaging plastic, of which the trays, in cardboard, are bearer.

Always attentive to market opportunities, large retailers, ahead of other sectors, has believed in this packaging, promoting successful integration with those product lines that have as their primary feature biocompatibility, for which this "dress", in line with this philosophy, it proved rewarding.

From an initial insertion of trays, as packaging for fruit and vegetables, today, their adoption has spread to the most varied sectors, ranging from meats, cheeses, pastries, ethnic food, in addition to special uses, in which the resistance high temperature, impermeability to liquids or grease should be key features of the packaging itself, without ever forgetting the vocation to the low environmental impact.

The strengths of the cardboard trays, because of a rapid spread, first residing in the raw material used, whose environmental compatibility is now universally known, and equally its recyclability. Through the offset printing process, the degree and quality of customization is unparalleled, another indisputable strength. Thanks to the customization, the packaging function is no longer only of containment and protection of the product, but, on the contrary, it presents and "enriches", providing, in addition, a whole series of nutritional or communication information, whose message content is limited only by the imagination of the customer.

Another not insignificant aspect of the trays lies in their adaptability, both in structural terms, for their easy modifiability in the design phase, and in the subsequent production phase, but, above all, allow to adapt, in the most appropriate way, to the characteristics of the product that shall be contained. And thanks to the wide range of features and different treatments that can be applied, the card meets all specific requirements.

In view of continuous development, Fimat, always attentive to the changes and needs of the market, is developing their business strategies to new and potential areas of use, expanding the range of possible choices, testing new materials, never forgetting the vocation environmentally friendly packaging and providing its customers with tailor made service to 360 degrees.

Luca Cavera


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