Cured ham Perna di Fossanera SALUMI BENVENUTI

Date: 12 september 2016 | Category: Food products
Cured ham Perna di Fossanera SALUMI BENVENUTI

Perna di Fossanera of Salumi Benvenuti. Tangy but sweet on the palate

Perna di Fossanera BenvenutiInstantly recognizable by its distinctive black grouting, the Perna of Fossanera of Salumi Benvenuti to Lucca is a seasoned national pork leg that competes in quality with leading Italian DOP hams. This sausage, by selecting the best national thighs, seasoned with salt and Mediterranean herbs, according to a recipe handed down from father to son, takes its peculiarities seasoning Tuscan-Emilian Apennines beneficial in the air, where he spent 10 months for the version without bone and 14 months and over in the version with the bone. To contribute to its tangy taste, but sweet and delicate on the palate, is the pepper, which gives the color black grouting and that you leave slowly absorbed by the meat.

With this clever home-made preparations and its outstanding features, the Perna of Fossanera is fine for a cold dish, a sandwich, with melon, and is accompanied gladly with a prosecco and wines with bubbles. As Guido says Benvenuti, "We serve styled with prosecco of Valdobbiadene, whose bubbles clean the mouth from any residue of grease."

Submitted by Salumi Benvenuti own necklace Man's Chest Cold cuts, a high quality gourmet line, the Perna of Fossanera was presented recently at both Cibus both TuttoFood, and is enjoying a well-deserved success with the public, mainly in the area and in Tuscany . "Currently," emphasizes Guido Benvenuti, "we are not producing in large numbers. It will probably remain a particular selection, with just a few pieces. However we believe it is an excellence to be made known, because we like it, distinguishes us as butchers and is a sausage that certainly has a great future ahead of him."

Into the past and tradition the name. Perna, in fact, in Latin means precisely ham. Instead, Fossanera is the name of a town next to the plant Welcome, where once there were the Roman farms. "Besides," concludes Guido Benvenuti, "the Fossanera name refers to the characteristic color of the ham and it stimulates the memory."

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