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Always considered as the cultural capital of the country and the most coveted destination for tourists from all over the world, the city of Rome, together with its fair infrastructure, has been engaged for the last 50 years in an economical and commercial expansion project.

Activities began in 1946 in Rome with the first ‘Exhibition of Roman Economic Activities’ which was then followed in 1953 by the inauguration of city’s first exhibition centre, positioned on the important thoroughfare, Via Cristoforo Colombo.

1995 saw the transformation of the Independent Rome Trade Fair Body into the joint-stock society entitled Rome Trade Fair Spa, and was the result of the union between the Lazio Regional Body, the Municipality of Rome and the Chamber of Commerce of Rome together with the Province of Rome, Lazio Development, the Tourism Promotional Board, the Industrial Union of Rome and the Agricultural Union of Rome.

The New Fair District in Rome, designed by Tommaso Valle and opened in January 2007, proposes itself as a new strategic hub for the development of both the commercial sector and the fair tourist sector and it aims at positioning itself as one of the most important fair centres in Europe.

The new exhibition centre was created with the aim of promoting the major assets of the economic realities of Lazio and Rome, culture and tourism, and building an important platform for commercial exchange not only for the different regional realities of our own country but also as a point of reference for the Mediterranean basin as a whole. 

The New Fair District in Rome

In January 2007, 14 of the 22 pavilions envisaged were completed, covering an exhibition area of approximately 118,300 square metres. The project is scheduled for completion in 2009. The New Fair District in Rome is composed of a series of binate pavilions, set out in a comb format, which are equipped with the latest technologies. All the pavilions are fully cabled and air-conditioned and they expand over an entire area measuring 186 thousand square metres.

The exhibition area has a total of 4 access points, three of which have halls, ticket offices and services for exhibitors and congress members. From each entrance, one can access the elevated walkway which connects all the pavilions.

A congress centre with four thousand seats has been designed in order to meet the needs, through the use of mobile sections, of different types of congresses and beside it there is another area dedicated for convention support services.

The office district extends over an area of 3 thousand square metres.

The area dedicated to refreshments includes three free flow restaurants accommodating 2,000 covers plus 25 bars accommodating another 2350 covers.

The parking area for exhibitors and the office district covers an area of 104,746 square metres whereas the space dedicated to visitor parking covers an area of 275 thousand square metres.