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Sugar icing, fondant and pharmacopoeia of Zucchero & C, the supplier of the major industry groups

Zucchero & C. S.r.l. has been present on the confectionery market for over 30 years; its main products derive from sugar and its main clients are represented by the confectionery industry, the organic, beekeeping and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as by confectionery and cake-making laboratories.

Zucchero & C.The main products are: refined sugars, caster sugar, cane sugar, powdered sugar, fondant sugar and syrups, all of an extremely high standard in terms of their raw materials and processing.

Zucchero & C. S.r.l. supplies the main groups of the confectionery sector with key products including CE category 1a and 2a refined sugars.

The company offers a wide range of similar products, including: granulated sugar, hygroscopic icing sugar, dextrose, crystallized fructose, maltodextrin, starches, purees and gelatines as well as honey.

Pharmaceutical sugar

In the pharmaceutical sector Zucchero & C. S.r.l. collaborates with the most important national pharmaceutical groups, to supply them with sucrose, whether in powder, crystallized or syrup form. The company makes use of a laboratory that can issue testing certificates requested by client companies, and produces products for the pharmaceutical industry including CE first category refined sugar, powdered sugar and pharma sugar.

Organic sugar

Zucchero & C. S.r.l. also operates in the organic arena and was one of the first Italian companies to embrace this sector and obtain a Conformity Certification from the ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute) for its organic products. All types of organic sugar, caster sugar, icing sugar, fondants and syrups are of interest not only to large confectionery companies but also for confectionery laboratories, thanks to the high quality and range of products.  

Beekeeping sugar

With regard to the beekeeping sector, the company offers several specific products for the feeding of bees, the main one being candy for bees, an essential product for nutrition during the winter months that also encourages reproduction.

Fondant sugar

Both the fondant sugar and powdered sugar is produced in technologically advanced plants that conform to quality requirements as requested by the industry. 

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