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The original idea that is behind all Wineemotion products

Loving wine also means loving to discover new things about it. Considering how many different wine varieties are there, discovering them is a must: Opening a new bottle, tasting a new vintage bottle, are all crucial moments in the wine tasting experience. In fact, the pleasure of tasting comes from the desire of wanting to know more about wine. Such an experience can be compared to the beginning of a new "love", or to the emotion of finding an "old friend".

In any case, wine lovers can't help but having a personal relationship with it. It is not easy to be able to find your way in such a vast and growing market. That's why it often happens that the less expert wine lovers are attracted by a winning label or someone else’s advice, which will always be related to that person's own preferences. Other times, a person might tend to buy the most expensive bottles, as if the cost was a guarantee of quality. But this is not always true and in these cases choosing is not a pleasure, but a dilemma. Our aim is to give a new value to personal choices, since we believe that only experience can lead to the right choice. A choice made according to your own taste This is what inspires us in creating our products.

Wine dispenser

Let's say it clearly: Wineemotion does not produce household appliances. The difference between Wineemotion systems and an industrial product is in how it will be used by buyers. Wineemotion products are not for serving wine into a glass. Rather they are for tasting wine, for learning to distinguish among the enormous variety, and for having the opportunity to buy a bottle only after tasting and appreciating its value.

Ultimately, it is a tool for edonists who cultivate the pleasure of discovery and awareness. Let's say it candidly: Wineemotion does not produce simply a wine dispenser. It is true that Wineemotion produces "machines" to serve wine - in other words, dispensers. However, the difference between a Coca Cola dispenser and an Wineemotion machine is essentially in the value of the poured liquid (apart from a few technical devices).

Wineemotion has developed tasting systems designed in their every part and function to foster the natural pleasure of taste.

Let's say it openly: Wineemotion produces pleasure. This is why, rather than talking about "machines", which make something natural like wine feel distant and sanitized, we prefer to talk about a system to enhance the pleasure of wine. Accordingly, the product we offer is not intended to be an alternative to the magic of uncorking a bottle and pouring a glass of wine, but rather an instrument which integrates perfectly within this world of flavours, scents and colours, reproducing the experience over and over.

With this spirit we invite you to enter into a friendly and exclusive partnership with us. Wine lovers appreciate the pleasure of communication and company: this is what you will find at Wineemotion, in professional as well as personal relationships. Wineemotion is a fast growing company. We are happy to invite you to discover our world.

 Wineemotion dispenser system

Short company profile

The company was founded in 2012 in Poggibonsi, in the real hearth of Chianti and produces wine pouring and serving systems. Wineemotion joins the experience and the technical skills of two companies, operating both in the electromechanical and in the food&wine production sectors.

In only four years Wineemotion doubled its production carrying out installations in several countries.

The network of dealers, constantly growing, brings worldwide the innovation of Wineemotion products and builds the base for a constructive exchange of experiences between dealers and company.

Wine dispenser system

The products: models and features

Wineemotion tasting system is based on a very compact machine in which you can insert the bottles you wish to taste. Simply by pressing a button, you can select the wine and get the set quantity. One of the biggest benefit offered by Wineemotion is that the enological characteristics of wines kept in our systems remain practically unaltered for more than three weeks (according to chemical analysis).

In general terms, all Wineemotion products offer to the customer the chance to follow his own taste and to choice the wine to buy amongst many bottles placed in the machines. It is proved that over 90% of the bottles sold come from the ones placed in the dispensers. The system can be used not only for wine, but also for other products, such as: olive oil, vinegar, grappa, brandy and any other beverage that doesn’t contain carbon dioxide.

All the models can be precisely set: quantity to pour and price. The one dose version can bear a display with the dose price. It is possible to connect in a single network all the units, so that all the data can be managed by a central PC.

The WineIdea software will allow the user to set prices, control inventory and remained quantity into the bottles, recognize the customers and conduct personalized marketing. Every system can be equipped with a chip card reader that allows the end user direct access. By inserting a prepaied card (or a cumulative one) in the reader, the customer can handle by him/herself all the operations of pouring and testing. The display will keep him/her informed about the remaining amount.

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Certifications and quality control:
- CE certificate and mark
- Control certification: "Quality and Certification"

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