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Vibrok fireplace heaters Tecno Vibrok: The most efficient and safest.

Tecno Vibrok srl is specialized in the production of fireplace heaters, water heater fireplaces and pellet stoves. The heater fireplaces can be adapted to any furnishing style, while the functionality of the Vibrok products allow for the heating of the entire house while also providing hot water.

Pellet Stove

Vibrok fireplace heaters are 100% Made in Italy

Reduced polluting emissions

Double combustion system which allows for burning unburned carbon monoxide, producing additional heating and limitating emissions.

The quality of its products is guaranteed by Vibrok, thanks to the choice of materials, product construction and the various processes related to heat diffusion in the environment.

Vibrok manufactures its products according to modern techniques using advanced technology and materials treated for the maximum performance of fireplace heaters, their security and design. The models available are very different and are distinguished by their power, size, weight and design.

Vibrok fireplace heaters have a capacity exceeding 75%, synonymous with security and reliability and low power consumption.

Pellet heater

Vibrok's fireplace heaters: eco-friendly and economic

The term fireplace heater or fireplace heating system, refers to an open fire built with a load-bearing structure made entirely of steel and cast iron, with the actual fireplace enclosed by glass-ceramic.

The glass-ceramic is inserted in a small door that can be opened with either a vertical sliding motion or opened from the front. The inset appliance has the ability to extract a large amount of heat, used to then heat water in a radiator system, from the fire and the combustion fumes.

Pellet Stove

Vibrok's fireplace heaters are both eco-friendly and economic as they are produced while respecting the environment and are provided with a double combustion system. Products are available using systems based on either air or water.

The fireplace heaters are fuelled with small pieces of mature firewood.

When you choose a product by Vibrok, you are sure of purchasing a high efficiency and functional fireplace heater.


2001 Tecno Vibrok is ISO 9001 - 2000 certified and on 23th July 2010 completed adjustment to the ISO 9001:2008.

Further important certifications relating to the production process and end product are as follows:

TUV, DINPlus, BAFA (Germany), GOST (Russia), FLAMME VERTE (France), VKF and LRV (Switzerland) and others.

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