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Radiation detectors for waste and scrap metal presented by TNE Spa: high technology portable systems

TNE Spa is a leader in the following sectors: nuclear physics, industry and health care. It also operates in nuclear sites and in the fields of radiation protection and radiation therapy.

In particular, TNE Spa supplies technologies and systems for monitoring radioactivity within industrial environments.

The systems represented by TNE Spa are produced by the American company Canberra which is a leader in the nuclear field in both America and Europe.  

One of the main products by TNE Spa is the Radsentry system which is a fully automated system, able to control vehicles entering and leaving designated areas, which signals the presence of radioactivity.

The system is available in different configurations (with multiple detectors) and mounting (horizontal, vertical etc) and complies with the Lombardy and UNI 10897 regulations: "Scrap metal loads".  

In particular TNE Spa is present in the field of control systems and systems for measuring radioactivity in waste and scrap metal and also systems of environmental radioactivity.

It also produces portable technology for the monitoring of radioactivity and technologies for monitoring scrap metal in the following: steel mills, foundries, refineries, incinerators, landfills.

It also develops laboratory technology for measuring radioactivity, detectors for chemical weapons, Geiger counters. 

TNE Spa also develops portable systems for detecting radioactivity, in particular for scrap metal, such as RadSg2R, an economic and reliable instrument for the client who requires the monitoring of a small number of vehicles per day and which can integrate the results produced also with the Radsentry portal.

Within the medical sector, TNE Spa produces devices for the monitoring of radioactivity with regards to the disposal of medical waste. 

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