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Ibix Srl professional sandblasting machines are totally innovative products used for surface maintenance and preparation.

IBIX presents its professional and portable sandblasting machines: totally innovative and professional eco-sandblasting machines for a wide range of applications.

The portable sandblasting machines are particularly suited to the cleaning of marble, granite, stone, hollow flat tiles, brick, or removal of graffiti and writing.

sandblasting machinesIBIX’s sandblasting machines can also be used for the stripping of materials such as steel, stainless steel, iron and aluminium and for the removal of corrosion.

Sandblasting machines are the solution to problems relating to the cleaning, maintenance and preparation of floors that are to be covered or restored. They can also be used for the renovation of stone or wood. All kinds of building materials, whether traditional or modern, and stone, whether natural or artificial, can be treated with IBIX’s sandblasting machines.

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In the field of restoration IBIX’s sandblasting machines are ideal for the restorative cleaning of historic artifacts and monuments; they have for example been used on the Eiffel Tower in Paris and for the cleaning and restoration of the Clock Tower – Dolmabahçe Palace - in Istanbul.

To prepare the surfaces to be covered, sandblasting machines are used in the nautical sector for the removal of antifouling paint from hulls made in fiberglass, wood and metal, thus reducing work times and increasing productivity at the dock.

Ibix also deals with cleaning with ecological aggregates, without producing dust or creating problems of waste disposal.

professional sandblasting machines

IBIX 9: made of aluminium

This is a sandblasting equipment made of aluminium, which is easy to handle and to transport. It is a very versatile product and can easily be used by a single operator.
The IBIX 9 sandblasting machine, thanks to careful abrasive selection and the pressure regulation system, is extremely versatile and can achieve consistent results in different application areas, in full compliance with operator and environmental requirements.

IBIX 25: for large surface areas

This is a portable sandblasting machine made of aluminium, which is handy and convenient to use, even for a single operator
It is very versatile and is suitable for cleaning large surface areas
, thanks to a valve that can handle large volumes of compressed air and its compatibility with large diameter nozzles.

IBIX® H2O: Dry abrasive sandblasting, and high-pressure washing systems

IBIX offers two models of sandblasters that can be used for both dry abrasive sandblasting and high-pressure washing, using a low-pressure jet spray that mixes water spray and abrasives.
This type of sandblaster allows you to mix water and carbonates directly in the nozzle, thus significantly reducing the amount of water used. The water sprayed in this way also reduces waste and therefore site costs.
These sandblasting systems are suitable for the selective, conservative cleaning of stone facings, architectural structures and elements made of stone, as well as delicate marble and brickwork. They are also suitable for removing graffiti.
These sandblasting systems are totally natural and environmentally friendly and provide the ideal solution to problems related to industrial maintenance in enclosed environments with strict constraints in terms of environmental and work safety regulations.

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