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The tile handling machines by Tecnomec Borghi Srl are high quality and suitable for use in all production phases

First class automation for the ceramics industry

Tile handling machines

Tecnomec Borghi, founded in 1970, is specialized in machines for ceramics automation, in particular for moving tiles. It has been present in the world marketplace since 1981 and, since then, has been particularly recognized and valued.

The company makes machines expressly for use during the following production phases: collection at the exit from the presses; loading and unloading from the kilns and from the dryers and loading and unloading in the lines and modules that monitor the integrity of the tile edges.

Within the production range there are also monitoring systems for the automatic correction of the temperature of the tiles.

The production includes both standard machines and custom-made systems.  

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Machines for handling tiles: quality and reliability

  • Collectors of tiles from the press
  • Ceramic rollers
  • Fixed or mobile connection lines
  • Transverse positioning devices
  • Wet tile fettling units
  • Kiln loading belts
  • Modular curves for tile transport
  • Load and unload driers and ceramic kilns
  • Electronic controllers of tile integrity
  • Tile compensators
  • Tile elevators
  • Vertical extenders
  • Monitoring systems for automatic temperature correction
  • Fixed or mobile connection lines with elevator function
  • Randomizer for rows of tiles
  • Compensators for rows of tiles
  • Unit for removing tiles from the press

Simplicity of construction, maximum reliability, quality of the material used and durability over time are at the foundation of the production process. All aimed at complete customer satisfaction.

Tecnomec Borghi is constantly involved in research and subsequent production of innovative solutions for improving all phases of the production process in order to improve tile handling.

This is possible thanks to a specialized, internal staff and impeccable organization: all possible solutions to every problem are carefully examined. The production is the result of highly reliable production criteria and equipment.

Tecnomec’s job does not stop here: even after purchase, they provide punctual and helpful assistance.

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