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Cosmetic packaging machines, cosmetic filling machines presented by Tecnicoll

Tecnicoll is a company that specializes in cosmetic packaging machines.

Powder compactors for cosmetics

With 30 years of experience manufacturing cosmetics packaging machines, the company also specializes in the production of hot-filling machinery for cosmetics.

  • Cosmetic filling machines for cocoa butter sticks, cosmetic creams
  • Cosmetic liquid filling machines
  • Hot filling machines for cosmetics, wax, soap

Tecnicoll's production:

  • Cosmetic powder press
  • Lipstick filling machines
  • Powder compactors for cosmetics
  • Hot and cold gluing machines for labels
  • Cosmetic mixers and powder presses
  • Hot filling monoblocs for cosmetics
  • Filling monoblocs for pans, bottles, jars
  • Lipstick filling monoblocs
  • Melting tanks
  • Filling machines for stick deodorants, lipsticks, cocoa butter sticks, cosmetic bottles, beauty creams, hair removal wax
  • Heating and cooling tables for cosmetics
  • Makeup kit assembly machines
  • Lipstick filling machines and moulds
  • Cooling and heating tables for packaging machines
  • Cooling tunnel for cosmetics
  • Flaming conveyors
  • Rotary tables for production lines
  • Hot melt adhesive applicators, cold glue dispensing system
  • Cosmetic powder mixer
  • Laboratory homogenizer

The Tecnicoll product range also includes pre-heating and cooling systems for molds, complete lines for filling and packaging and machines for molding powders.

The complete filling lines and complete packaging lines can be developed to meet specific customer requirements.

Cosmetic filling machines, single or multiple and can be used on any type of mixer/tank and for any kind of material

The cosmetic filling machines are available in a range of different capacities, single or multiple and can be used on any type of mixer/tank and for any kind of material that needs to be heated in order to be packaged. In particular, Tecnicoll offers two models of cosmetic filling machines:

Cosmetic filling machinesThe first model, type C, is designed to be used for cosmetic pastes and particularly difficult products such as cosmetic creams, waxes and soaps. These materials require an accurate temperature control and maximum dosing accuracy. The hot-filling dosers of this type come in four versions with dosing ranging from 0.1gr / sec up to 90g / sec.

The multi-outlet model, on the other hand, was designed and developed to hot-fill multiple cosmetic products with one single colour. It has an anodized aluminum body which is either electrically heated or oil-heated, and a single filling control at each outlet. It also has a special system to keep the product mixing and a special system to call the product from the tank to the head, and thus avoiding inaccurate dosing.

FOCUS: Semi-automatic hot filling line LR.4000/1

Semi-automatic hot filling line LR.4000/1

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