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The adjustable pedestals from Buzon are the right solution for realizing raised flooring in concrete, stone, ceramic, and wood

pedestals BuzonCreated in 1987 by Claude Buzon, they represent the best solution for realizing raised flooring. They are the result of more than twenty years of on-site experience and are able to satisfy all requests from architects, engineers, and construction companies and all of the Technical Regulation Entities.

Since their creation and up to the present day, Buzon pedestals have evolved to better respond to the needs of designers and offer maximum design freedom.

Pedestals for flooring and terraces: a bit of history

  • Adjustable pedestals for flooring In 1989 the first-generation pedestal mod. Series P was developed; it may be height regulated and can bear loads of more than 800kg per unit for all types of flooring.
  • In 1997 the second-generation mod. Series DPH was developed; it is a slope corrector that allowed Buzon to affirm its position as the number one European producer.  
  • In 1999 the DPH5 pedestal was developed, specific for the petrochemical and offshore sector
  • In 2008 the third-generation mod. Series BC pedestal with multi-angled head was developed.

Pedestals for flooring in concrete, stone, ceramic, and wood

The company’s mission is to grow alongside its customers.

These products are multi-purpose and high-performance; they are widely used and valued by the best architectural firms in the world.

They are a quality product, absolutely stable and durable.

Some examples

Pedestals for flooring

Pedestals for external flooring

Pedestals for pool flooring

Pipe support

Pedestals for flooring

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